Gas pipeline laying and
associated facilities
Operation & maintenance
jobs and upgrading of
existing networks
Laying networks by Horizontal
Directional Drilling techniques

About to Kaveri Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Kaveri Energy Pvt. Ltd is one of the leaders in pipeline distribution and network laying operations in Gujarat. Over the last 20 years we have been involved in the installation and distribution of Piped Natural Gas (PNG) connections both within and outside the state.
Kaveri Energy Pvt. Ltd. (KEPL) was established in 1990 as Kaveri Construction Unit - Surat, a proprietorship business firm. Since then, it has dynamically grown into a well-accredited organization, acquiring the status of a Private Limited Company. KEPL, today, is a leading contracting company engaged by City Gas Distributing Companies for PNG City Distribution Projects. Being a private company gives us the necessary flexibility to carry out all our operations successfully. We have earned great acclaim for our commitment to excellence and the speed & efficiency of our operations.